GreenPower Backs People Power

GreenPower are delighted to have formalised our sponsorship of the RSPB Nature of Scotland Awards for a further two years in order to help RSPB Scotland cover the running costs of the 2016 & 2017 Awards.  Our contribution will again be linked to sponsorship of the ‘Best Community Initiative’.

Rob Forrest, CEO explained that “working with, not against nature, is an absolute priority at GreenPower and our sponsorship reflects our desire to recognise the hard work of individuals and organisations working to safeguard the natural environment”.

GreenPower’s vision is to help deliver a world powered by sustainable renewable energy.  Working with organisations like RSPB Scotland is always important to us and we have taken any environmental concerns they have raised very seriously.  While differences of opinion do inevitably arise, dialogue and a genuine desire to reach a compromise is the way we have always worked.

We look forward to seeing some exciting and worthwhile community projects getting the recognition they deserve.

2015-11-20 RSPB_Awards
GreenPower’s CEO Rob Forrest, 2nd from left, presents the 2015 Community Initiative Award to the winners, Castle Loch Lochmaben Community Trust


GreenPower is a Scottish based independent renewable energy business, formed in 2000.  The Company develops on-shore wind, hydro and solar power projects.

The owner of the business, Rob Forrest has a keen interest in environmental issues and created GreenPower in 2000 in response to his concerns about Climate Change and to help move the UK economy away from a reliance on non-sustainable forms of energy generation towards a more sustainable clean energy future.  He helped create the Scottish Renewables Trade Association in the late 1990’s, being their first CEO and then a Director for a number of years.  He returned to the Board in 2016.