Land Agents

GreenPower International Ltd is one of the leading independent renewable energy developers in the UK, achieving consent for over 260MW of clean renewable energy capacity, and currently operates projects ranging from single wind turbine sites to utility scale commercial projects.

Two of our strategic developments to date are the 156MW Griffin Wind Farm and the 46MW Carriag Gheal Wind Farm, both of which have brought significant financial benefits to the landowners and the local community and we have over 200MW of renewable schemes in active development.

At GreenPower we are always seeking new ways to add value to the renewable energy we generate. We are developing a number of electric vehicle (EV) charging sites and developing our first hydrogen facility, all powered by green energy.

The development team at GreenPower has substantial experience within the renewable energy sector and has the technical, management and financial skills to successfully bring complex projects to fruition. From the initial site evaluation, we take the project through the planning application process and arrange the finance for the project (from its inception through to construction) and then manage the project throughout its lifetime and carry out the decommissioning. Where appropriate, we can enter into a Joint Venture with the landowner and / or local community to provide an ownership stake in the project.

We are always interested in examining the potential for large scale wind and solar development opportunities as well as the opportunity to acquire consented or developed renewables projects.

If you or your client has land with potential for renewables development or you are looking to market a consented or constructed renewables scheme then we are keen to talk to you.

Contact George Baxter at george@greenpowerinternational for more information.