GreenPower Joins Solar Energy Scotland

GreenPower has joined the trade body Solar Energy UK and its representative Scottish wing, Solar Energy Scotland.

Rob Forrest, GreenPower CEO said: “The level of solar irradiation that can be captured in Scotland is much more positive than is often perceived and analysis of solar deployment across the UK shows a surprising Scottish shortfall in comparative terms to date. Solar accounts for only around 3% of all renewables in Scotland and its share of UK solar deployment is only 2.5%, despite having a third of the land mass. Solar irradiation on some areas of the East coast of Scotland for example is 96% of that found in Birmingham, and so even compared to much of England, Scotland has a rich resource that remains untapped. Denmark has similar irradiation levels to Scotland, yet its solar deployment level dwarfs that of Scotland.

“Such disparities need some serious attention, and at the very least we ought to have a level playing field across the UK on issues like planning policy and discriminatory costs for example in business rates and grid connection. With absolutely no mention of the technology in the latest National Planning Framework Position Paper and only a fleeting mention in Scotland’s latest climate change plan, it seems that solar energy is a technology that needs a lot more policy focus and political commitment if its potential is to be realised in delivering renewable energy and climate change targets alongside wind, hydro and other technologies.

“The UK Climate Change Committee recommends 80GW of solar energy by 2050 – that is some step up from today’s 13Gw across the UK. With only 0.37GW installed, there is clearly a case for removing barriers to enable Scotland to get its fair share and make a telling contribution. GreenPower is very pleased to join Solar Energy Scotland which is a trade body committed to being strong advocates for its members, engaging robustly and constructively with policy and decision makers.”

GreenPower has stepped up its development interests in solar energy with a growing pipeline of projects under development over the last few years. A newly recruited development team has strong track record in delivering projects and CEO Rob Forrest has a long history of solar expertise having begun his career in solar energy 30 years ago. GreenPower is currently progressing circa 200MW of solar farm developments in Scotland.  

For more information go to: Building a clean energy system for everyone’s benefit – Solar Energy UK