Drumduff Wind Farm Extension

Photo of Drumduff Wind Farm
(c) David Cheskin
Project StatusConsented
No of TurbinesUp to 3
Power Rating of TurbinesCirca 5MW
Capacity of SiteUp to 15MW
Turbine Tip HeightUp to 150m

Project Background

Drumduff Wind Farm Extension is a consented extension to the existing Drumduff Wind Farm located north of Blackridge, West Lothian. The development will comprise of three turbines, two with a maximum tip height of 149.9m and one with a maximum tip height of 135m, and an expected generation capacity of up to 15MW. This brings the overall Drumduff Wind Farm to 6 turbines and the combined onsite generation capacity to approximately 21MW.

The existing Drumduff Wind Farm was constructed by Green Breeze Energy Limited, a joint venture between GreenPower and Thrive Renewables, who continue to own and operate the wind farm. The Drumduff Extension is also being developed by both companies under a joint venture, bringing together a considerable amount of experience.

GreenPower commits to providing community benefit funds equivalent to £5,000 per MW generation capacity. The total funds available per annum will very much depend on the final number of turbines and export capacity that is consented and constructed. This will build on the existing Drumduff development fund that has supported the construction of the boardwalk at Blawhorn Moss, and provided support to local people during the COVID pandemic through food vouchers for over 149 families and activity packs for Blackridge Primary School pupils and nursery children. Together with the existing Drumduff Wind Farm, we believe the extension can be an asset to the local area, helping to support the local economy as well as actively contribute towards Scotland, and the UK’s, renewable energy aspirations.

A single wind turbine development known as Drumelzie Wind Turbine, is already consented within the Drumduff Extension Boundary. The consented turbine is up to 126.5m and would only provide a generation of up to 2.3MW – while a more modern 150m turbine would provide near double the generation at 5MW per turbine and increase the overall site generation from 2.3MW to 15MW.

Planning Application Documents:

Original Planning Application:

Planning for the proposed development was submitted to West Lothian Council which was validated on the 16th of June 2023. The planning application (reference 0504/FUL/23) can be viewed on the Council’s website here or by using the links below. Digital copies are available free of charge and hard copies can be purchased by contacting GreenPower at enquiries@greenpowerinternational.com

Further Environmental Information:

Following feedback from consultees, a number of changes to the initially submitted application were proposed. These include a reduction in tip height for turbine 3 from 149.9m down to 135m and an extended section of floating track. The Further Environmental Information (FEI) addresses the changes and effects and was submitted to West Lothian Council on the 6th of October 2023. The FEI and updated figures can be viewed on the West Lothian Council Website (reference 0504/FUL/23) or through the links below.