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There is no bigger challenge that tackling the
Climate Emergency.

Since April 2020 GreenPower have recruited five new staff to our Development Team.

Having been a key player in developing renewable energy projects since the mid 1990’s  Rob Forrest, owner and CEO of GreenPower says: “The job of switching away from fossil fuels to renewable energy is far from a done deal.  Now more than ever we need politicians of all parties to step up and speak out for renewable energy.  There is no time to waste and the endless debates that have stifled the progress of onshore renewables in Scotland and across the UK are a tragedy for the planet.  Setting ambitious Scottish targets without putting in place measures to achieve them is nothing short of criminal.”  

Job Opportunity

GreenPower are looking for an experienced Renewable Energy Yield Analyst to join our Development and Operations Team.  The full Job Description is here.