Community Consultation

GreenPower is committed to an extensive public and stakeholder consultation process.

This consultation takes place through a range of mechanisms including public exhibitions, presentations, one on one meetings and via direct correspondence. GreenPower consults with the public, a variety of statutory and non-statutory consultees, the planning authorities and local community councils and takes into account the issues raised during the consultation process, at exhibitions and in letters we receive. We encourage people to engage in dialogue with us so that they can fully understand our proposals and equally we can fully understand their views and take account of these during the project design process. This is possible both before and after planning applications are submitted.

Please feel free to contact GreenPower about any of our projects.

GreenPower Public Exhibition for a Wind Farm Development
Stakeholder Engagement for Project Development
Stakeholder Engagement for Project Development

Community Funds

GreenPower has a policy to support local communities located near our wind farm projects through the provision of community funds. GreenPower is committed to consult on the details of how these community funds should be managed and how the money should be allocated.

We recognise that establishing a system of decision making for community funds may present challenges. We are keen for communities to manage these funds themselves as much as possible and for decision-making on spending to remain in local hands.

GreenPower has established the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm Community Fund which is managed by a Steering Group comprised of local representatives. This group guides the strategic use of the funds and makes decisions on specific funding applications. Further information on the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm Community Fund can be found here.

At Drumduff Wind Farm near Blackridge in West Lothian we are allocating funds to support Community Projects that will have long term benefits to the Community.  One such infrastructure project to improve access from Blackridge into the local countryside is the extension of the boardwalk at Blawhorn Moss NNR.  We have also supported a range of smaller good causes e.g. warm hub events, funding to the local primary school for food vouchers and support towards installing defibrillators in the local area.