Neven Point Wind Farm

Photo of Neven Point windfarm
Project StatusIn development
No of TurbinesUp to 8
Power Rating of TurbinesCirca 5MW
Capacity of SiteUp to 40MW
Turbine Tip HeightUp to 180m

The Neven Point Wind Farm project on the island of Eday in Orkney was acquired by GreenPower in June 2022. The project was first mooted in 2018, on the Greentoft Farm lands and Ward Hill/Neven Point area at the south west of the island, close to the EMEC marine energy demonstration and research facility.

GreenPower commits to working to provide positive benefits to the people and businesses of Eday as this is at the core of the way the company works and is currently exploring with Eday folk during the pre-application period how the wind farm can be developed in a way that can best support a sustainable future for the island. GreenPower intends to offer shared community ownership in the project, and to provide up to £150,000 per year community benefit to be targeted at what the community identifies as its most important priorities.

GreenPower is currently completing the process of gathering final environmental baseline information and undertaking consultation to inform a final design and planning application. 

The original proposal was for up to ten turbines, which subsequently was reduced to eight during scoping, and it may be reduced further to six or seven based on the most up to date information. Latest details of the proposal will appear on this website in due course and will be made available at the next project exhibition.

Climate change may be the biggest threat to humanity, but renewable energy is also one of the biggest opportunities for places like Eday with its rich natural energy resources to build a sustainable foundation for the future.

The Neven Point Wind Farm intends to connect into the grid system in 2027 with export capacity of around 30 MegaWatts, which will support the most efficient use of, and justification for, the new 220 MW transmission link planned to the mainland, subject to the OFGEM needs case being satisfied which requires confidence that a strong pipeline of projects will be delivered.

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