Benefits of Solar PV

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) is a well-established energy-harvesting technology. Solar PV farms make virtually no noise, they have no moving parts and have relatively low maintenance requirements. Solar PV farms generate power onsite and feed into the local electricity grid.

Generating electricity from the sun is clean and sustainable, and provides power when it is needed most – during the day. A battery system or other forms of energy storage and conversion can also be added to release energy even more efficiently to consumers.

From site selection through designing, planning, connection, environmental permissions, zoning and energy trading arrangements, the GreenPower team is an experienced developer that is successful in assembling financeable large scale renewable energy assets.

What makes a good Solar PV Site?

  • Lower grade agricultural land or former brownfield sites (landfills, quarries etc.)
  • Locations where it will not cause any visual obtrusion
  • Flat or south facing land with no shading
  • Not located in a National Scenic Areas or National Parks
  • Proximity to a grid connection point
  • Land areas in excess of 40 acres (15 Hectares)

What’s in it for the Landowner?

  • A long term, secure income which rises with inflation. Typical rents are between £700 to £1,000 per acre depending on the specifics of the site*.
  • Potential for additional income e.g., co-location of energy storage or energy conversion facilities.
  • Risk free: GreenPower meets landowner’s reasonable professional costs in setting up the lease and covers all planning, construction and ongoing maintenance costs for the project.
  • The land can still be used for grazing sheep or it can be planted to improve biodiversity for pollinators and locally important conservation species.
  • The site will be sensitively developed and you will be helping tackle Climate Change by helping to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

*The rent offered will depend on the cost of developing the site as well as the predicted annual income from sales of solar energy.

Why GreenPower?

  • Established in 2000, we are committed to helping deliver an energy future powered by sustainable renewable energy. Based in Scotland, we are a family owned independent company with over 260MW of consented schemes and a further 200MW in active development.
  • GreenPower develops, owns and operates all its projects and will be with you for the lifecycle of the project.
  • GreenPower has a highly experienced team with expertise in consenting, building and managing renewable energy projects in the UK.
  • GreenPower has substantial financial credibility across the investor community and has the resources and investor partners to develop multiple projects.
  • We operate in partnership with landowners to bring Solar PV projects to fruition with the minimum of disruption of day-to-day farm or estate operations.
  • We understand that some landowners are keen to buy into solar projects on their land and we have a number of joint venture (JV) projects in place. As a financial investor, the JV landowner would also receive site rental payments in addition to returns on their investment into the project.
  • Once we have agreed terms, GreenPower manages the entire process, through planning to generation with the average solar farm built and producing power in less than three years from initial landowner contact.

Our Development Process

  • Land assessment: We work with landowners to evaluate the site’s suitability for solar development alongside an assessment of potential grid availability.
  • Grid connection: With agreement from the landowner, we apply for a no obligation grid connection quote on the identified land.
  • Planning: With an option-to-lease agreement in place with the landowner, GreenPower will undertake a full planning application for the agreed site.
  • Construction: Once planning is approved and with a grid connection confirmed, GreenPower will construct the Solar PV farm.
  • Operational asset management: Once the site has been constructed and successfully commissioned, the Solar PV farm becomes fully operational. All asset management duties are managed by GreenPower.

We welcome enquiries from landowners, land agents and investors who may be interested in working with us on a Solar PV farm.

Please contact enquiries@greenpowerinternational for more information.