Solar PV

GreenPower are very experienced in working with landowners and local businesses to help them produce clean renewable energy. We have the expertise to identify potential solar installation sites and progress these successfully through the planning process to construction. This would allow you to secure long term revenue streams and / or secure your future energy generation costs should you wish to use the power for your own business needs.

Ground Mounted Solar PV

Ground mounted solar arrays offer dual land use allowing the land to be still be used for grazing small livestock whilst generating an income or supplying the power for your business needs. It has also been proven that with the appropriate land management plan in place enhancements in biodiversity, increases in pollinators and creation of new habitats for nature can be also achieved.

Roof Mounted Solar PV

Turn unutilised commercial roof space into an income generating asset or secure your company’s future energy cost. GreenPower will work closely with your business to understand your energy needs and supply the most suitable solution.

For further information on how GreenPower can help you with generating more from your land or buildings talk to our Development Manager Andrew Dempster today on 01259 272158.