Green Hydrogen

GreenPower is pioneering the development of green hydrogen production, distribution and supply across Scotland. We will be producing our green hydrogen from two basic ingredients – green power and water.

One of our first projects is the Argyll Hydrogen Hub in Oban from where we will supply green hydrogen. We are already established in the region with our wind farm at Carraig Gheal and the Argyll Hydrogen Hub will allow us to grow our presence, to help local businesses take their own steps towards “net zero” through the local supply of clean, green fuel. Our vision is an economy where green hydrogen replaces fossil fuels used in appropriate heating applications, in industrial processes and transport, which together make up nearly 75% of our total energy use.

If you are interested in powering your business from a clean, green fuel or attending one of our green hydrogen webinars – please get in touch.

We are available now to discuss the supply of green hydrogen. We held an Argyll Hydrogen Hub webinar in 2021 which created a lot of interest from potential users in the region and we continue to engage with local businesses and organisations who see a role for Hydrogen in their future fuel needs.

In September 2023 we submitted a planning application for the Argyll Hydrogen Hub at the Glenshallach Industrial estate in Oban. Once the planning application verified documents appear on the Argyll and Bute Council website we will also issue them on this page shortly.

See our latest press release here.

Please contact us at: or on 01259 272158