GreenPower Makes 10th Year Commitment to Scottish Mountain Biking

As bikers from across the world gather in Scotland this week for the UCI Cycling World Championships, leading Scottish renewable energy business GreenPower has announced continued support for the Scottish Downhill Mountain Biking Association (SDA), and will be the Association’s main sponsor for a 10th successive year. 

GreenPower has provided the Association with over £85,000 in sponsorship supporting core activities that has helped create a sustainable race series.  Funds were used to organise races and cover the costs of upgrading transport facilities, displays, marquees and timing systems.  

Lewis Green – SDA Academy Rider – ©Gary Reeves

This sponsorship has also covered the costs of establishing and running the GreenPower SDA Academy, which from the outset aimed to enhance and support Downhill Mountain Bike racing in Scotland by raising the skill base of the riders.  The Academy provides professional coaching to bring riders up to a better and safer standard of riding.  Supporting the high standard of Scottish Coaching has been an added benefit.

So far over 100 riders have benefitted from the scheme.

Overall standards of riding have definitely improved and looking back over the years there are some big highlights to share:

  • 15% achieved regular top 10 placements in SDA Series Events & Scottish Championships, some being podium medal winners.
  • 10% achieved regular top 10 placements in the British National Series, with a podium finish and a National Champion medallist.
  • A World Championship podium medallist

Looking to the future, the creation of an SDA Mini Downhill Series is now being explored as something that would augment and enrich the Academy, providing a greater platform for the future of Downhill in Scotland.

GreenPower CEO Rob Forrest said:

“I’m delighted to commit to Scotland’s downhill mountain biking again this year, which will be our tenth consecutive year of doing so. We have enjoyed a great relationship with the SDA over the years, and it is fantastic to see interest in downhill mountain biking really take off across Scotland. 

“This is an example of renewables, sport, tourism and the great outdoors working together, enjoying our countryside and protecting it for the future. We are really looking forward to this year’s events, and I am personally so grateful for the opportunity to back a sport I love.”

Colin Houston, Chair of the SDA committee, said:  

“Mountain biking is a mechanism to introduce riders from a young age to the wider environment and iconic landscapes of Scotland.  From Britain’s highest mountain, to the rugged majesty of Glencoe, the rolling countryside of the Scottish Borders and the sunshine in Glenshee!  Even if racing does not fill your every waking moment, if just some of the outdoor and fitness experience stays with you it will be there for life, and that if nothing else is worthwhile.”

Maxine Yates – SDA Academy Rider 2022 – ©Photomoonter