GreenPower Welcomes Thousands of Jobs Potential in Solar Energy for Scotland

A Solar Energy Scotland report published this week describes the job creation potential of the Scottish solar industry pointing to up to 9000 jobs based on delivery of between 4-6 gigawatts (GW) of solar energy capacity by 2030.

George Baxter, Director of Development said: “The potential for thousands of jobs in solar energy is clear – and can benefit communities right across Scotland. What we need now is policy reform and government ambition for levels of deployment in Scotland that matches the ability and capacity of industry to make it happen.”

When launching the report Thomas McMillen, Chair of Solar Energy Scotland, said: “The sector requires no subsidy to make this happen, but we do need Ministers to support our ambition for 4-6 gigawatts of new solar power across Scotland by 2030. And there are a series of legacy planning and connectivity obstacles which will need to be swept away if Scotland is to see these benefits. We are confident that the Scottish Government understands the urgency of the situation and sees the benefits the industry is poised to help deliver.” 

A parliamentary members business debate initiated by Fergus Ewing MSP takes place in the Scottish Parliament on 25th May.  

Access the report here: Solar Skills Scotland Briefing • Solar Energy UK