Hope and Sustainability in Nigeria

Stefan Shaba, GreenPower’s Project Engineer and Operations Manager, recently returned from attending the first alumni reunion of his Alma Mata at the Federal Government College Kaduna in Nigeria which involved contributing to the restoration of the sick bay/resident clinic, as well as presenting football kits for the senior football team.

As part of the reunion, a handful of old students came together to give back to the institution which has since suffered a decline in its performance levels for unfortunate reasons. The aim of the work was to ensure a direct impact on the students and staff as well as ensuring the projects would achieve a high level of sustainability.

Part of the work included completely overhauling the sick bay/resident clinic and restoring it back to acceptable standards. This is a clinic which provides emergency and small treatment services for a boarding school with about 1,500 students. The works are now nearing completion and the building facilities have been significantly upgraded. The roofing has been replaced, a new water system was installed including new tank and associated plumbing, doors and windows have all been replaced, new medical beds have been installed, floors have been tiled, the building has been painted and even an air conditioner was installed.

In addition Stefan also wanted to upgrade the football sports equipment to restore hope and pride in the young kids. He was very lucky to have a handful of donors who helped in making this dream a reality and Rob Forrest, GreenPower’s CEO,  was very kind to donate an additional set of football shirts, shorts and boots for the senior team which was well received. Stefan said, “I cannot describe the excitement in the faces of the kids when I made the presentation of the contribution to the vice-principal of the school.”

FGC Kaduna Nigeria
Stefan with his alumni members and vice-principles of the FGC Kaduna with the donation of the football kits.