The Argyll Hydrogen Hub Takes Big Step Forward

– detailed plans submitted to Argyll and Bute Council for approval

Local wind farm operator and Scottish-owned independent green energy company GreenPower has submitted a planning application to establish a green hydrogen production and distribution centre at the Glenshellach Industrial Estate in Oban.  

GreenPower, who developed and operate the 46MW Carraig Gheal wind farm near Oban, aims to supply green hydrogen to enable the transition away from fossil-fuels to zero-carbon fuels for ferries, HGVs, buses, trains, industrial processes, and heating in the region. GreenPower is also actively considering the potential for hydrogen production at its existing energy generation sites including at the newly proposed Barachander Wind Farm, the sister project to Carraig Gheal.

Paul Minto, Director of Green Hydrogen at GreenPower, said: “Green hydrogen is an important zero-carbon fuel that can help meet legally binding climate change targets. In Argyll there are several sectors currently dependent on fossil fuels where fuel-switching could radically reduce carbon emissions, and where jobs can be created through local production and use of green hydrogen.”

“There is significant potential to decarbonise the transport sector including buses and coaches, HGVs serving distilleries, fish farms, forestry operations, refuse collection vehicles, and with a longer-term opportunity to fuel ferries and trains. Green hydrogen could also replace carbon-intensive fuels such as heating oil and LNG used in hospitals, leisure centres, care homes and industrial operations.”

Rob Forrest, GreenPower CEO said: “As a company rooted in Scotland and with local operations in Argyll, we are delighted to announce our intention to further decarbonise the region and create clean, green jobs and economic development. We can see a future where all heavy road transport and shipping is powered by green hydrogen, and where any industry using heating oils or gas e.g. whisky distilleries, can switch fuels to run on environmentally friendly green hydrogen.”

“Argyll has all the ingredients for the creation of a healthy, environmentally responsible local energy system based on green hydrogen . This marks the beginning of significant growth and Argyll could become a green hydrogen hub for export to the rest of the country. We think that is something worth aiming for.”  

Notes to editors:

  1. How electrolysis works: Green hydrogen is produced from the electrolysis of water, a process which splits water into its constituent parts of hydrogen and oxygen. When renewably sourced electricity is used this process is completely free of carbon.
  2. Further details and images of the proposals can be found here: Green Hydrogen – GreenPower International
  3. GreenPower is holding drop-in exhibitions at various locations this coming week – in Portsonachan, Taynuilt, Kilchrenan and Oban – where the proposals for the Argyll Hydrogen Hub and GreenPower’s new wind farm proposal at Barachander will be available to view.